Air America Takes Montel Williams Nationwide



That’s right kids, Montel Williams is returning to the world of broadcast, but this time it is not television. “Montel Across America” will instead be a national radio show on Air America. Originating in Air America’s New York studios, the program will air in the 9 a.m.-noon ET slot. It debuts on April 6.

Primarily known for his phenomenal 17 year run on the Montel Williams Show Mr. Williams is also an established author. He has not only penned eight books over the years, but he has also sent four of them straight to the New York Times Best-Seller list.

Via Radio Ink:

“Montel is a multi-media star and a familiar name to millions of people across the country,” said Air America CEO Bennett Zier. “The addition of Montel to our talent lineup is an important step for the continued growth of Air America as we look to distribute Montel’s show across America.”

SVP, Programming, Bill Hess said, “We’re extremely pleased to be able to add such a talented, passionate voice to our programming lineup. This program will give Montel an outlet to do what he does best — reach people with his probing questions and insatiable quest for knowledge.”

Mr. Williams seems excited at the prospect as well, can’t say I blame him. I gather the multi-year deal he struck with Air America should be quite lucrative. Of course there is also that factor I sometimes reminisce about: the connection. In radio, you feel an amazing connection with your listeners, especially those who call in (or, these days, use social media to communicate with you).

It would seem that Mr. Williams agrees. Via Radio Business

“After being on television for more than 17 years, I’m looking forward to engaging in lively conversations and interacting with the American public,” said Williams.  “Air America is providing me with the perfect environment to do this every day from New York City, as well as reporting from cities around the world as a traveling correspondent.”

All rights to logo used above reside with Air America, used here as “fair use” for reporting purposes.


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