HD Radio: Now Easier to Embrace


iBiquity, the company behind HD radio, has just released its new schedule of fees and payments required for a station to embrace digital. The great news is a reduction in fees  and expanded options for payment. From Radio Business Report, here is iBiquity’s top dog on the new rates:

“HD Radio Technology has enjoyed tremendous broadcaster support and seen breakthrough progress in receiver sales, automotive adoption and product expansion over the past year,” said Bob Struble, iBiquity CEO. “Based on this success and heightened broadcaster enthusiasm, we have created flexible, cost-effective licensing options to make upgrading easier.”

Cost is always one of the barriers to adoption, and iBiquity has chopped away at that cost since I debuted this blog. From reducing their prices on the physical gear needed (at the NAB show in ’08) to this reduction in fees, they have continued to consistently make HD more easily accessible. An easing of financial commitments needed to embrace HD is even more important now. Despite improving economic indicators in our industry (see my previous post), there is still wariness about the economy — a wariness that makes each expenditure subject to more debate than in the days before the recession. Hopefully, the reduction will spur the more creative stations to embrace the multi channel possibilities of HD.

Right now, radio is the last mass medium waiting to go fully digital. Steps like this will help spur that evolution.

If you run a station and are considering going HD, contact  Rick Greenhut, iBiquity’s Director of U.S. Broadcast Sales, at greenhut@ibiquity.com or (443) 539-4335. Additional info on licensing can be found on the licensing page of iBiquity’s website.

Image: HD Radio Logo / Fair Use: Reporting


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