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Talk Host Randi Rhodes Returns to the Air

April 27, 2009

randiThose of you who are familiar with Air America or Nova M radio are probably already familiar with controversial liberal pundit Randi Rhodes. Rhodes is known for delivering no-holds-barred commentary from the political left. Now, in a move that will surprise many, she will be returning to the airwaves on Premiere Radio Networks, the on-air home of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Using sound bites ranging from “bong bubbles,” bells, buzzers, and the “Howard Dean scream,” Rhodes delivers commentary as biting as Limbaugh’s but from an ideologically opposite stance. Also much like Limbaugh, she has been dogged by controversy due to extreme comments. Rhodes called Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro “whores” at a private party that became a viral video. Rhodes’ remarks led to her suspension from Air America in April a year ago. Rhodes resigned rather than apologize for the remarks. Of course, as we are all aware, in political talk radio, extremism sells.

Wall Street Journal media reporter, Sarah McBride, quotes Premiere’s president about the contradiction between Rhodes and Limbaugh:

“It’s all about getting audience we don’t have,” said Charlie Rahilly… who commented that Ms. Rhodes was very successful in drawing listeners in past stints on Clear Channel stations.

It will be very interesting to see how things progress once the show begins airing. So far liberal talk radio has seen far less success than its conservative counterpart. However, that was before the Obama era. Time and ratings will tell in the end. In the meantime, it will be worthwhile keeping an eye on this trend.

The Randi Rhodes Show will broadcast live from Washington, D.C. starting on May 11, and will be heard on affiliates across the nation, including KTLK-AM/Los Angeles, KKGN-AM/San Francisco and KPOJ-AM/Portland. The daily broadcast will be heard in the 3-6pm ET slot.

Will you be listening?

Photo courtesy of Paul Schultz, used under its Creative Commons license