Radio Streaming Coming to the iPhone


I’m an admitted iPhone addict. I’m also an avid audiophile and have my iPhone stocked with radio apps. I’ve got a fearsome array of music I can listen to using the music player, but when it comes to streaming my favorite radio stations, I have problems. One of the huge drawbacks of the iPhone is that only the audio player can operate in the background while you are using another app.

As Paul Riismandel said recently on Radio Survivor:

This restriction is sort of tolerable on a small mobile device like the iPhone, but it’s far more annoying on the iPad. Imagine if your laptop or netbook wouldn’t let you listen to streaming stations while word processing or web browsing.

Well, it looks like the advent of the iPad has brought great news for radio listeners: true multitasking in the next OS update. While I doubt I’ll try it, Riismandel has an entertaining thought on the upgrade later in his post:

When the new OS drops later this summer iPad and iPhone 3GS users finally will be able to run their favorite streaming audio app in the background while using other apps. You might even be able to run two audio apps at the same time to test your bandwidth and tolerance for cacophony.

Unfortunately for me, the update will not work on first generation iPhones or on the 3G. 3GS owners and iPad users will have cause to rejoice, but I will need to upgrade to get the benefits of the new OS. Since my favorite stations outside of Cincinnati are in Boston, New York and New Orleans, I may very well make the leap.

Image: Screencap of Radio Apps on my iPhone


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