Nobex Brings AM/FM to Blackberry


Research In Motion’s 2010 WES conference, “the premier Blackberry event,” took place in Orlando this week, and some fun new things were debuted. One of them is Nobex, a free app (all hail the ever inventive apps!) that allows you to get full AM/FM functionality on your handset. Being an iPhone user myself, I cannot offer a firsthand review, so here is a bit from the one done by Marin Perez at IntoMobile. It seems, from his reaction, to pass the “ease of use test”:

I never listen to the radio any more because most of my handsets don’t have an integrated tuner and I never bother to use the apps. This one seems pretty interesting though, as it gives you full access to all the streams in your country. The premium version gives you international access as well.

Even in this growing age of app mania it is important to find one that even the app-phobic do not shy away from. They get points there, that’s for sure.

From Mr. Perez’s review it seems that Nobex works over WiFi, 3G or even the vastly slower and kludgier EDGE network.  Song snippets, ringtones and lyrics can all be accessed, which is pretty much expected as standard, but the ability to set a timer for your music is brilliant and I don’t know of another app that has it. Please correct me if I’m wrong, dear readers. I know that when I travel I tend to fall asleep to the radio so that tiny detail is one I really like seeing.

All in all,  it does seem like a pretty easy to use app when you see it in action. Check out Mr. Perez’s video interview with the Nobex folk where they give us a test drive through the app. [Video Here]

Image: Nobex Logo / Fair Use: Reporting


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