Jetcast and Lenovo Make Internet Radio “Sticky” With Loyalty Program


Today, Jetcast Inc. and Lenco Mobile Inc. have pooled their resources to launch a listener loyalty program geared towards rewarding Internet radio audiences for tuning in to their favorite stations’ Internet streams.

RadioLoyalty is the name of the new program and it’s all about the points. Their UniversalPlayer has an app store of its own just like the iPhone, and members of the loyalty program can earn points for using any of these apps. Points can also be earned for online social sharing through platforms like Twitter and Facebook, referring friends to the station and various other interactions and activities. These points, like the boxtops of old, can be redeemed in the RadioLoyalty store.

Here’s a statement from the Jetcast CEO about this new endeavor, as taken from the press release posted on MarketWatch:

“Our RadioLoyalty(TM) loyalty program is focused on helping Internet broadcasters succeed in the digital marketplace,” said John Williams, CEO of Jetcast. “RadioLoyalty(TM) contains all the tools necessary for a broadcaster to dramatically increase the usage of their Internet broadcasts, enhance audience satisfaction, and grow the station’s monthly recurring revenue. RadioLoyalty’s(TM) loyalty program installs easily into our UniversalPlayer(TM) and is free for the station and listener to use. It is a win-win situation because RadioLoyalty(TM) rewards the listener and the station at the same time,” said Williams.

So here we go, another approach to the ongoing issue of engaging and monetizing the Internet and mobile audience. I think these companies are probably on the right track. Courting interactivity, capitalizing on the prominence of the app store phenomenon in the public psyche, and the offer of tangible rewards through their point system. Sounds to me like they’ve combined a number of great concepts into what looks like a  potent strategy.

The technical infrastructure for the UniversalPlayer and RadioLoyalty platforms was developed by a wholly owned subsidiary of Lenco called AdMax Media Inc.  Parent company Lenco is a mobile and Internet solutions provider while Jetcast, their partner in this venture,  is a leader in the monetization of Internet broadcast streams.

Image: RadioLoyalty Logo / Fair Use: Reporting


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3 Responses to “Jetcast and Lenovo Make Internet Radio “Sticky” With Loyalty Program”

  1. Christian Fenner Says:

    This sounds promising – have you seen one of the 4700 station´s players / websites or apps though? I could find a showcase / any references on their website.
    Thanks, Christian

  2. George Williams Says:

    I think we’re going to see that sort of info soon with luck. This was, as I understand it, just the initial announcement. The press release only just hit the ‘net.

    Thanks for joining the conversation, I’ll post when I get more data on the subject.

  3. Mark J Says: has been doing this for over a year and I’ve recieved some pretty cool stuff already from them. Nothing new here.

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