Countdown Battle: Perez Hilton vs. Ryan Seacrest


Perez Hilton, gossip blogger extraordinaire, announced at last weekend’s South By South West festival that he is set to launch a weekly countdown radio show as a “cooler alternative” to American Idol host Ryan Seacrest’s  daily Top 40 show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest.”

In an interview with Billboard, Hilton describes his upcoming show in more detail:

Hilton says his show (will be a platform for interviews as well as a mix of popular and new music. “I want the best songs in the country plus … my own picks — songs that I would love to expose the masses to.”

Hilton further explains that he wants to talk in depth with artists and “ask them the questions that ..  Seacrest would not ask them. I want to ask Justin Bieber, ‘Have you seen that website’ I can make fun of someone and still be a fan,” he said with a coy grin.

And that, to me anyway, is a sign that he is on the right track. By stepping beyond the 40 top of the chart hits and adding his own picks and interviews, Hilton is assuming the DJ’s place as your “music concierge.” It’s something he seems to be good at. Go to, and take a look at the  “Listen to This” category which is already credited with the success of acts like British singer Mika. In addition, Hilton’s known friendships with performers such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry should help him immensely when it comes to finding interviewees.

The show is slated for distribution through Westwood One, who already handle his “Radio Perez” show.

For a video of Perez Hilton’s Announcement and Billboard Interview, look here.

Image: burningkarma / CC BY 2.0

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