Radar Love: 239 Million Tune In to Radio Weekly


Every quarter, Arbitron releases its RADAR report on national listening habits and trends. Of course, the high points are usually released as teasers for the full report, which is what this post is all about.

The initial numbers shared by Arbitron are indicative of some serious Radar Love! Don’t take my word for it though; here is what RadioInk had to say:

Radio reaches more than 239 million people 12 and older in the course of a typical week, reports Arbitron, citing its upcoming RADAR 104 network-radio ratings. Listening to the more than 7,200 RADAR-affiliated stations is at 219 million in a typical week, up from 212 million a year ago in RADAR 100.

Leaps like that are great for whetting the industry appetite for the full and detailed report coming on March 22.  It is also always good to have fresh numbers to show to those who continue to deny radio’s relevance. For instance, I am quite sure we will see these stats brought up in Congress during the debates surrounding the Performance Rights Act (PRA), although probably not by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

RadioWorld distills it down to one easily digestible percentage:

Arbitron says that despite the popularity of MP3 players, mobile devices and Internet radio, radio reaches about 93 percent of Americans weekly. “Even 91 percent of the youngest radio audience, teens aged 12–17, who are most accustomed to using new technologies and forms of media, continue to tune in each week.”

Notice that this is “in spite of” mobile and Internet radio, areas that traditional radio has been expanding into with leaps and bounds. Factor those in and radio is a no brainer. Especially in this economy, it is a must for one’s marketing mix.

NOTE: RADAR, the standard for national network radio ratings, measures 51 radio networks operated by: American Urban Radio Networks, Citadel Media Networks, Crystal Media Networks, Dial Global Inc., Premiere Radio Networkss, United Stations Radio  Networks and Westwood One Radio Networks.

Image: Arbitron Logo / Fair Use: Reporting


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