New Kaiser Report Attests to Radio’s Continued Relevance


The Kaiser Family Foundation has just released its latest study on media consumption by American youth.

As someone who has spent many hours blogging about radio’s evolution onto  new platforms, I was gratified to see the following comments in Jennifer Waits on Radio Survivor:

Within the study, there are some intriguing statistics about radio indicating that it is still used with regularity by kids and teens. As I read through the report, I was struck again by the fact that computers and mobile media may actually be breathing new life into radio as youth now have the option to listen in when they don’t have access to a terrestrial signal.

One of radio’s great strengths has always been its ubiquity. Radio is everywhere. Rather than hampering the growth of radio, Internet technology and mobile are now responsible for significant growth. Sure, it’s been a bit rocky along the way, but then again, growth is rarely comfortable. (Remember puberty?)  She continues with this observation, one that will bring smiles to radio people everywhere:

Another important reminder from the study is that despite all of  the gloomy news that we hear about radio (especially among youth), radios are the most common type of media found in a young person’s bedroom. More kids and teens reported having a radio in their bedrooms than any other media, including TVs, CD players, DVD players, computers, and video games.

Since this is a demographic widely acknowledged to be very valuable, I’m sure there are many smiles out there as people begin to look through the data. For myself, I’m always happy when my prognostication proves correct. Over the past years on this blog, I have continually posited the value of radio’s expansion on to the Internet at the same time the Internet was expanding on to cell phone and smart phone platforms.

You may download  the full report here: Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8- to 18-Year-Olds.

Image: Kaiser Family Foundation Logo / Fair Use: Reporting


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One Response to “New Kaiser Report Attests to Radio’s Continued Relevance”

  1. Kate Barnes Says:

    I think this study written by Jennifer Waits is very accurate in the fact that radio is not dead and it very much alive in todays high-tech age of TV and internet. The radio is everywhere from your bedroom or bathroom, your local grocery store, doctor’s office, etc. I myself am a radio lover too and am thankful that there are people out there that are just like me. This post proves that no matter what generation you belong to, young or old, radio is and will always be a part of your daily life.

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