Donny Osmond Back On The Air


On January 18, approximately 60 radio stations nationwide will be airing Donny Osmond‘s return to the airwaves. Running during the daytime, the show is geared towards the female adult contemporary/classic hits demographic and, according to Osmond, will be a combination of music, anecdote, and “fun stories.”

Osmond is also a huge fan of radio, as this excerpt from an article by Oskar Garcia for the Associated Press shows:

Osmond said most of his fans grew up with radio, and the format isn’t going away despite the medium’s financial slump and technological advances that give potential audiences more entertainment choices.

“I’ve been in this business since dirt was created, so I’ve seen a lot of incarnations of this business,” Osmond said. “I remember when colored television came in … I was such a little kid but I was involved in the industry so much.”

“And so many people would say, `Television is the death of radio,’ and as history has shown, it isn’t, it wasn’t and it never will be,” he said.

Sentiments I share, albeit without the perspective of 47 years in the entertainment industry.

Osmond has been back in the public eye a lot recently, especially since his big win last November on Dancing With The Stars. It is only natural for him to ride that wave as far as possible; he even says so in interviews.

The former teen idol is no stranger to the ebb and flow of popularity in the entertainment world. In his time, Osmond has been an actor, singer, race car driver, author, and the host of both game shows and variety shows. Just as in folklore, being a seventh son seems to have served him well over the years. He has even recorded music with — get this — Jeff Beck and Peter Gabriel!

It will be interesting to see how this fares. After all, Osmond has suffered from some image problems over the years spawned by his “squeaky-clean” image. Wikipedia touches on this in their entry for him:

Osmond states that he has had a tremendous public image struggle since Donny & Marie ended in 1979.[13] He has been described as “unhip”,[14] as a “boy scout”, and has been the butt of innumerable jokes, including appearing in “White and Nerdy” because Yankovic said he was the whitest guy he could think of. His image has seemed such a liability that one professional publicist even suggested that Osmond purposefully get arrested for drug possession in order to change his image.

So will Osmond find success in the world of radio this time around? We shall have to wait and see. His show debuts one week from today. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.

Image: alan-light / CC BY 2.0

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