iTunes Tagging Factory Installed by Ford


There is no doubt that one of the tech advances changing the way we listen to and interact with music is the relatively new concept of tagging. I bet you own one of the plethora of radios, HD Radios or iPod-derived devices that have this function where you can “tag” a song while listening to it so you can purchase it later through iTunes. In this Internet-driven age of instant gratification, it is a powerful sales tool precisely because of the convenience it offers to listeners.

In a move that should be applauded, Ford has announced that it will be making iTunes tagging a factory-installed  feature on some models as part of its voice-controlled Sync system. Introduced in 2007, Sync is a an entertainment and telecommunications system vaguely reminiscent of Star Trek. Brent Snavely at Freep tells us a bit more:

Ford said iTunes tagging on its next generation of Sync will be able to hold up to 100 songs. Then, when an iPod is connected to iTunes, the customer can approve the purchase and download the songs.

Ford isn’t saying yet whether HD Radio and iTunes tagging capability will be standard or optional.

“HD Radio and iTunes song tagging will be part of an infotainment package launching next year,” and additional details will be announced by Ford at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Jan. 7, said Ford spokesman Alan Hall.

I love watching things as they ease their way into mainstream adoption. With all of the shakeups in the way we communicate and interact with media that have occurred over the past decade, it has been a dizzying ride. Just the advent of the smartphone alone has created a substantive change in the way we interact with each other and with media. Now comes the fun part, watching things like this occur.

It was not that long ago that seeing someone with an iPhone was notable and unusual. It was the new cool toy, something affordable only by a few. Now it is the most popular handset in the U.S. and the App Store is making money hand over fist. With Ford’s introduction of factory installed tagging, we are seeing another jump into everyday life.

Welcome to the future!

Image: Eye of Einstein / CC BY 2.0

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