Texas Radio Station Plays Santa


At this time of year, I usually try to find stories about radio doing good for the community — something that is pretty constant but especially evident during the holiday season. Today, I’d like to share a story that I stumbled upon recently. Down South in the latitudes from which I originate, there is a radio station in Bryan, TX, known as Mix 104.7FM. It is there that you will find two DJs, K.O. and Dee, who have staged a Holiday Home Invasion every year for the past five years. Like twin Santas, they descend upon a family in need, bearing gifts and essentials for the holiday. This year, the recipient of their efforts was Jerry Dixon, a man who had lost his home in a fire that took everything he owned while he was rescuing family members. Coming hard on the heels of losing his wife earlier in the year, this was a rough patch by anyone’s standards. Steve Fullheart reports for KTBX.com:

Now, Dixon, his children and his grandchildren have presents under their tree, groceries and decorations for Christmas that they wouldn’t have otherwise had. ABC Home and Commercial Services provided the decor on the outside of the home. Wal-Mart and Pepsi also provided help for the family through the home invasion, which Dixon came home to Monday afternoon, much to his surprise.

In addition here is some great video of the joyous occasion from KBTX. This sort of thing means a lot to me when I see it. As a New Orleanian, I know many who lost everything — although to water rather than fire. I know from personal experience what it feels like to think you’ve lost every physical possession, although I’m also lucky enough that I was wrong and our home made it through the flood. You have no idea what something like this truly means until you’ve seen it happen to someone you know. No matter which faith you practice, all of the Mid-Winter holidays share the commonalities of hope and helping others. What these two DJs are doing exemplifies the spirit of the season by embracing and propagating these traits. May we all aspire to do as much good in the world!

Image: mattimattila / CC BY 2.0

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