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Real-time search is something that has been all over the news recently. Google is now running real-time results in its searches, and Twitter has been at the forefront since its inception. Since the Internet is one of the major platforms that radio is evolving onto (via streaming, social media, etc.), it only makes sense that we should look at what this might portend for our industry.

One answer may lie with a tiny UK-based start-up called Currently tracking 20,000 online radio stations globally, it is the first application of real-time search directed specifically towards radio. There’s not a lot to go on yet, but if I see any good news pieces, I’ll post about them here or shoot links out over our Twitter.

Here is the “about” portion of their press release: was created by three music fans who loved internet radio but were frustrated by the search for new stations. Co-founder William Jenkins said, “We built RadioTuna because we were fed up with other radio search engines. The site is kind of a cross between Spotify and Google, and it’s been likened to both.”

Beneath the cute branding and simple interface sits serious technology that captures and processes data about the music as it is played. It’s a place for fans of every genre to find out what’s going on right now, with relevant results for every artist in their 10 million-track database. No accounts, profiles or subscriptions required – just search for an artist or genre and click on a search result to start the music.

Radio has always been about discovery. Discovering new music, new talk shows, and — via advertising — new products.  As more stations extend onto the net by streaming, tools like this will help people navigate the offerings available. In some ways, it’s almost like an advanced and intelligent tuner.

As the Internet and mobile experience becomes more and more widespread and the connections become faster and faster, tools like this will become the rule rather than the exception. I’m sure Clear Channel is happy to see developments like this, especially since they already hold the largest slice of the coveted 25-54 year old Adult demographic.

Image: RadioTuna logo / Fair Use: reporting


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    Jeez, your snowy background made me think one of my retinas was detaching!

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