Radio To The Rescue, A Holiday Tale


‘Tis the season for stories of goodwill, especially during these hard times. No matter which Winter holiday you celebrate there is a common thread of the positive that they all share in common.

This year, let’s cast our glance upon Orlando, Florida. As the economic vice continued to tighten its jaws upon the city budget, it was decided that leaving the city’s Christmas decorations in storage would save them $250,000. Last November, the decision was made, and the tree lighting and attendant decor were canceled.

Enter Real Radio 104.1’s The Buckethead Show. Mark Jenkins at CFNews13 tells the tale:

The show asked listeners to donate Christmas lights, decorations and canned goods for Second Harvest Food Bank, and Saturday’s decorating turned out to be a great success.

“I wouldn’t even want to guess a number of cans for the Second Harvest Food Bank,” radio host Buckethead told News 13. “I’ve got a couple hundred in my car. So at the end of the day, not only will people be able to drive downtown Orlando and see Lake Eola all lit up, but also knowing that a lot of food went to people who need it this holiday season.”

With over 350,000 lights donated, the swarm of volunteers spent Saturday giving Orlando the red and green treatment. The Lake Eola area should now look festive for the season, bringing a little brightness to the dreary mid-winter months. I’m a child of the subtropics myself, and it rarely snows in those latitudes. The holiday feel comes entirely from the decor and the lights. It may not seem like much, but to many, it is vital to the season.

In addition to the decor and the food, they have also got one more seasonal trick up their sleeves. The show is holding a competition for the best decorated downtown business. The winner gets a plaque and a $250 donation made in their name to the charity of their choice. Seems like these guys are pretty good at the win-win, sharing holiday spirit and helping those in need at the same time. A great example of the spirit of the season.

I’m sure we will have many more stories like this; radio has a long tradition of good works during the holidays. I’ll share them as I find them.

Image:  mattimattila / CC BY 2.0

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