Carl Kasell Signing Off Soon


After thirty years at the helm of NPR’s well-known Morning Edition, noted radio personality Carl Kasell is about to broadcast his final show. Fortunately, his voice will not be completely absent from the airwaves, as Phil Rosenthal reports in the Chicago Tribune:

Fortunately for his fans, however, Kasell, 75, will continue as official judge and scorekeeper of the Chicago Public Radio-produced quiz show, “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!” the wry current events program that, his NPR bosses noted in a staff memo Monday, “turned him from a newsman into a rock star.”

That notoriety will be leveraged. NPR reportedly has plans of using him in an ambassadorial fashion, sending him to events around the country. I would assume that means a lot of local station fundraising events, among other things.  It is my hope that whatever these events are, they allow Mr. Kasell to sleep in. If anyone has earned it, he has.

His iconic voice will be missed by those who tune in to Morning Edition. After all, he first started there in 1975 when the entire NPR team numbered a mere 200 people. In that time, he has entrenched his tagline, “From NPR News, I’m Carl Kasell,” in the consciousness of America.

Here is wishing him well. I’m sure his last show on December 30 will have a massive audience. I know I’ll be tuning in!

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