UK: Digital Radio Boasts Touchscreen, App Store, Social Media


pure-sensia-radio_smallSomething very interesting is happening in the United Kingdom.  Stores in the UK will be debuting a new digital radio this week that wants to be a whole scale digital portal.  Following in the footsteps of the iPhone, it boasts some of the features that seem to have most captured the imagination of its users: Touchscreen, an app store and social media! Its called the Sensia and its made by Pure.

So right off the bat, we have Twitter with Facebook to be included in a near future update. Facebook integration is of immense importance due to the size of its userbase alone. If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s 4th largest, between the United States and Indonesia. Social networking at the core of the device is something I am very pleased to see. What will be interesting is the options available in the app store and how rapidly that inventory is expanded. (I’ll be keeping my eyes on that one and reporting back.)

Here’s a statement from an article in The Times:

Hossain Yassiae, chief executive of Imagination, which owns Pure, said: “Pure’s job is to run in front of the bullet train. Radios can act as a base station for everything else in the home. We need Pure to go beyond audio and into areas like power metering, traffic information and security.”

Granted, when they speak of radio here, they are referring to Britain’s digital radio, but I’m sure that this sort of device could be re-engineered to work with HD, which is also a pure digital signal.

The interface is also a welcome advance. Devices like the iPhone have already trained a lot of us to appreciate the Star Trek: The Next Generation-style touchscreens like the Sensia boasts. Google some of the reviews and you’ll see the theme of “ease of use” pop up frequently. Add in the level of customization you have with a decent app store and we’ve got a device straight out of The Jetsons. It even looks like it.

This is something important, and I’ll be watching its development. I have a distinct feeling this could be brought to our “side of the pond” to great effect. I’ll report any new developments or metrics on this subject as I get them. If anyone in the UK happens to read this, I’d love any firsthand reviews you might be willing to share!

Image: Touch My Radio / Fair use: Reporting


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One Response to “UK: Digital Radio Boasts Touchscreen, App Store, Social Media”

  1. Tina Aldrich Says:

    Does anyone know when the United States will have the Sensia?

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