HD Radio on the iPhone? Yes, Indeed!


HDHD has been making its long-awaited first forays into the world of portable devices recently. Last July saw the release of the new model Microsoft Zune which was the first portable player with HD. In the meantime, clamoring has been heard across the Internet for HD on the iPhone. Well, my friends, today is your lucky day!

There is an app for that. Granted, it does require an external accessory, but the great thing is that HD has now come to the iPhone. For a quick demo done by iBiquity’s chief executive, Bob Struble, check out this video by The Wall Street Journal. I’ll wait here.

Nicely done. While I am not alone in wanting complete integration into the handset, this is a measure that will get us by until a future iPhone has it as a standard feature. Having HD accessibility like this would be fantastic for road trips, cross-country driving, and anything that might take you outside the range of wi-fi or a 3G data connection. Without those, streaming radio ceases to be an option.

Another wonderful thing here is the timing. With iBiquity and NPR Labs proposing a fourfold increase in HD signal strength to the FCC, there is a very good chance that the majority of reception issues will soon be a thing of the past. Combine that with the virtues of HD multicast content and things are looking rosy for HD!

Speaking of multicast options, tech writer Lauren Goode at the The Wall Street Journal mentions one segment of listeners in particular who will benefit:

Sports fans might also like what the app has to offer, since HD Radio allows users to tap into some team-specific channels through both AM and FM. Mr. Struble cites New Yorkers who have retired to Florida and are still able to listen to their favorite Yankees broadcasts as an example.

I’m not a sports fan myself, but I have just relocated across the country and can really see the value to someone living away from their longtime home.

I’m excited about this, and as an iPhone user, I am looking forward to trying it out!

Image: jamescridland / CC BY 2.0

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3 Responses to “HD Radio on the iPhone? Yes, Indeed!”

  1. jon Says:

    still just hungering for standard fm reception (non-streaming) on my iphone. would make gym trips so much better (tv’s broadcast on low power fm frequencies so you can listen via headphones)

  2. Syuxx Says:

    This look like a cool apps. Gonna try it soon :)
    HD HD!

  3. George Williams Says:

    @Jon I’m with you there. Had not thought of that angle (I’m lazy and don’t do gym time), but it is yet another reason to want integrated FM.

    @Syuxx Hoping to pick one up myself in the near future. Glad to see I’ve got company in being very excited about this!

    Thanks for joining the conversation folks!

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