Monday Round Up


roundupRather than focus on a single topic, today I’d like to try something new. Today’s post will be a round up of some of the more interesting radio stories I have found recently. I’ll include a  link at the end of each entry to a full news article on the subject.

Leave us a comment and let us know if you like this approach. If so, I will make it a regular part of the programming.

First up is some sad news. Legendary DJ Mr. Magic passed away Friday morning from an apparent heart attack. For those who do not recognize him, he was the DJ who co-hosted the first all hip hop radio show on WBLS  in NYC way back in 1983 with Marley Marl. It’s hard to imagine the modern air waves without hip hop, but back then he was the only one doing it. Another radio icon has left the building.  [Gawker]

An interesting line of development is going on down under. Australians are working on something called “Yellowbird.” Yellowbird is supposed to turn on your radio and flash a light to automatically issue disaster alerts. As always, I am a fan of emergency radio and feel that this is a fantastic idea. Let’s hope they get the grants they are waiting on from the Australian government. [ABC News Australia]

On the gadget front, we have the debut of iHome’s iP88, a clock radio that finally has dual iPhone docks. FM for my morning listening and the ability to charge and play both my own and my wife’s iPhones? I call that a win! It’s amazing to me how long it seems to take to get simple, obvious functionality like this onto the market. Look at how long it took before we say integrated FM on the iPod Nano. [iPodNN]

Larry Wilson, who founded Citadel Broadcasting Corp, is moving back into the radio industry. He just closed a $40 million deal with CBS Radio to purchase three of their stations in the Portland, OR, area. This will bring his total in the city to five stations. Mr. Wilson cashed out of radio in 2001 when he sold Citadel, but I guess you can never escape once radio gets in your blood! [The Deal]

Image: Dr. Who / CC BY-ND 2.0

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2 Responses to “Monday Round Up”

  1. ElusiveMusic Says:

    Thanks for this, Great post.

  2. George Williams Says:

    Thanks, I try to provide what the readers desire and it’s only when I get feedback that I can do so to my best ability! Thanks for the kind words and thanks for joining the conversation!

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