Broadcasting Green


zgreenNo matter what your feelings are on the subject of the environment, you have to admit that the “green” movement is gaining a lot of steam across the nation. Recycling and energy efficiency have least become dominant memes in the media landscape.

Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), a company that has taken the lead in the recycling of electronic waste and is a trailblazing “green collar workforce” employer, has hit the airwaves.  “Green is Good”  is a radio show on Clear Channel that is hosted by John S. Shegerian, the company’s  Chairman and CEO and co-hosted by Mike Brady, a long time veteran of the airwaves.

Since its debut last April, “Green is Good” has rocketed to the number one position amongst green-themed radio programs. Hardly shocking when you take a look at the hit list of individuals and groups that have appeared on the program to discuss environmental issues:

  • John Paul DeJoria, Co-Founder of Paul Mitchell Hair Products
  • Chuck Leavell, Rolling Stones keyboardist and founder of the Mother Nature Network
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Lipton Tea
  • The Clean Air Coalition
  • The Environmental Media Association (EMA)
  • Keep California Beautiful
  • RecycleBank

Upcoming guests include Dave Thompson, General Manager of Panasonic’s Corporate Environmental Department, legendary sports agent Leigh Steinberg and Matt Peterson of Global Green USA.

Reuters provides some pertinent quotes from the movers behind the show:

“The green revolution is not a fad,” said Shegerian. “It is an essential part of the US business infrastructure and of our social conscience as a society — and very much here to stay. We hope to inspire and empower our listeners with this radio show through sharing information and having discussions with our terrific
guests. We also very much look for people of all walks of life who hear our show to join us in becoming a part of the solution, accepting their green DNA and meeting our environmental challenges head on.”

“Innovative, practical and entertaining — I love what’s been created with our Green is Good show,” said Jeff Negrete, Market Manager for Clear Channel. “We are fortunate enough to have one of the most successful and dynamic environmental entrepreneurs in the country in John Shegerian to deliver this
most important message on our Clear Channel stations and world wide web sites. The show delivers the country’s most knowledgeable and cutting edge environmental savvy business owners and professionals that can be heard anywhere. Green is Good is great! I’m proud of it.”

The wonderful thing is that if you missed a show when it was first broadcast, you can go to the show’s website and listen to it on demand directly through your browser window — no download required. So far, their archive seems to be solidly up to date. Check out the Green is Good archive to listen.

Image: laurenmanning / CC BY 2.0

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