Online Radio Analytics: The New Stuff From TargetSpot


targetspotOne of the big bugaboos of the Internet age, at least for advertisers and radio stations, is proper analytics. Without these, the effectiveness of a campaign cannot be measured, ad slots cannot be properly priced, and things rapidly devolve into confusion. The pace with which the technology is advancing compounds the problem.

Enter TargetSpot, the largest Internet radio advertising network. While I was celebrating my birthday yesterday, they launched a new analytics package, one enabled by simply adding one small snippet of code to the website that is linked to the ad campaign in question.

Audio Video Producer has the press release posted. Here is an excerpt:

“TargetSpot Analytics was designed to deliver greater accuracy, measurement and accountability to Internet radio advertisements,” said Eyal Goldwerger, CEO of TargetSpot. “TargetSpot is the only Internet radio advertising network to offer such robust performance measurement capabilities to maximize the value advertisers see from their investments.”

Internet radio listeners are a valuable, growing audience most advertisers want to reach. According to an April 2009 report by Arbitron Edison Media Research, 33 percent of online radio users listen to programming while shopping online. Furthermore, 44 percent of users research products or services online, while listening to online radio programming.

It’s always good to have additional tools in one’s arsenal. Analytics tools in particular are needed across the board in this age of social media. The means of sharing info online have long since outstripped the means of measuring their effect. While I would not presume to say that this new TargetSpot Analytics tool will be the ultimate answer, it is a step forward. Coming from a company with a proven track record lends credence to the idea that it will be a reasonably large step.

As with all things, we will need to wait upon word from the field to determine the true effectiveness of this tool. In the meantime, I am sure we will also see a variety of other ones debuting over the next few months. As is always the case, time and testing will show its true worth.

Image: TargetSpot Logo (Fair Use: Reporting)


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One Response to “Online Radio Analytics: The New Stuff From TargetSpot”

  1. Xa Says:

    Analytics must always evolve to reach new technologies. Yet, social makrting compaigns can’t be evaluated by only classic metrics.

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