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It’s interesting to watch the reverse migration that I see beginning.

Over the past ten years or so, we have watched as radio stations begin to embrace Internet and mobile technologies until we have reached the point where most every station has at least an Internet stream of its broadcasts.  It is an important shift — daresay an essential one. But now the shoe is on the other foot. Internet-only stations are starting to embrace the airwaves.

On October 5, WWFS-FM in New York, KCBS-FM in Los Angeles, WXRT-FM in Chicago and KITS-FM in San Francisco will have new programming on their HD multicast channels: In addition, the content will be available over CBS Radio’s streaming and mobile platforms, which include AOL Radio and Yahoo Music.

Katy Bachman at MediaWeek reports:

It’s the first time a music Web site has been transformed into a broadcast station. While hundreds of radio stations broadcast HD multicast channels, only a handful in the largest markets draw enough audience to make the Arbitron ratings. CBS Radio is banking that’s 25 monthly users will translate to larger audiences for HD Radio multicast channels.

“We believe this is exactly the type of programming that will help bring new listeners to the HD multicast frontier,” said David Goodman, president of CBS Interactive Music Group.

Now the one part of this I must take issue with is the first sentence quote above. With all due respect to Ms. Bachman (who I often refer to in my roundups because she produces some great reporting), I must differ. This is not the first example of Internet radio moving to broadcast, although it’s the first instance I know of here in the U.S.

Amazing Radio, a music website in the U.K., made that move earlier this year as my post about them from last July shows.  Still, it’s good to see the idea spreading, and with the power of CBS Radio’s infrastructure behind it, this effort is orders of magnitude beyond the efforts “across the pond.”

Things seem to be coming full circle. logo courtesy of


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