iPod Nano Gets Integrated Radio Tuner!


nanonewIn a move I have personally been awaiting, Apple has added radio functionality to the new version of the iPod Nano.  Here’s a quote from their press release posted on Gizmodo:

iPod nano now has a built-in FM radio with live pause and iTunes Tagging. Live pause lets iPod nano users pause and resume playing their favorite FM radio shows. iTunes Tagging is great when users hear a song they like, they can simply tag it, and then preview and purchase that song when they sync to the iTunes software.

I think this says a lot. So far during its lifespan, the iPod line has seen its FM receiver peripheral become one of its most popular add ons. Integrating that functionality into its basic unit shows their awareness of the public desire to access broadcast radio as well as Internet streams. With their dominance of the portable music player market, this could well (and I hope does) create a domino effect among other manufacturers.

Add in the fact that the new version of iTunes has integrated Facebook and Twitter support and you can see a whole new era beginning with this move. The buying public is not often overly concerned with much beyond “Does it work?” and “Does it do what I want it to do?”. With a  built-in FM receiver and integrated social functions, I’d be willing to bet that this unit will fulfill both of those needs.

Now we need this for the iPhone…

Image: Courtesy of Apple’s Online Press Room


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