A Passion for Radio


heartToday I’m going address one of the most critical resources of the radio industry: passion.

Passion makes all the difference in any endeavor. At least that’s my opinion. Radio, as a medium, tends to not only engender passion but also to attract the passionate. Whether you agree with their politics or not, look at the political pundits. Their fire is what communicates, and often produces fire in the listeners both in agreement and in dissent.

From within the sound booth, radio is also addictive. My own forays into podcasting and guest announcing have all come about due to the “itch” to get back on the air. I’m not the only one either. Radio talk show host, columnist, blogger, author, social commentator, and playwright Colin McEnroe agrees. It was actually his recent column in The Hartford Courant that got me thinking about this. He writes:

Ask anybody who’s done it. It’s one of those jobs that seeps into your skin and lodges under your fingernails. You can stop doing it, but after a while you notice an itch.

These people on the radio front lines — the announcers and other personalities — are a major driving force in our medium. They are the ones that join people in their living rooms, in their cars, and other settings too numerous to list. They are breakfast companions and dinner guests to millions. It is the bond they make with the listeners that inspires passion.

Like any great love affair, passion must be reciprocal. A good radio personality becomes a trusted friend to his or her audience. Although it is a “one to many” model, it still all comes down to creating relationships.

Image: Le vent le cri / CC BY 2.0

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