Ikon Bringing Touch Screen Radio


ikonThis coming October, Revo will be releasing its new Ikon radio, a beautiful looking unit that boasts the ability to pick up broadcast FM, Internet Radio, DAB, DAB+ and much more.

Much like the iPod, this radio will boast a color touch screen and an icon-based interface — the first unit to do so. This new interface may not seem like much to some, but I think it will be very important to many.

You see, one of the big breaks for Internet radio was the introduction of smart phones, particularly the iPhone and the Blackberry with their attendant app stores and ease of use. This has removed one major barrier to adoption, an unease with “computers” felt by many, particularly amongst the older set.

With icon-based navigation, the intimidating desktop of your average computer is not an obstacle. I know of many people who begin to get the DTs when deprived of their iPhone, yet will not willingly have anything to do with a PC or a Mac. This is vital to be aware of as radio evolves onto the Internet and the Internet evolves away from the desktop.

The unit itself will not be cheap. DonNgo at CNet shares the cost of entry for this device in his recent column:

It will be available worldwide sometime in October for an estimated price of around $450, which makes it possibly the most expensive iPod/iPhone docking station of its size.

With integrated iPhone docking and Last.fm, this seems to be locking down all the new standards expected by the tech savvy public while making strides with the interface.

I wonder how long it will take before we see this tech available at a more accessible price point, but initial offerings of new tech are usually a bit pricey.


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