Digital Mobile Radio Association Formed


DMRAThe quest for interoperability has taken another step forward, it seems. The launch of the Digital Mobile Radio Association (DMRA) was announced in London on Monday of this week. Here is their description as taken from the DMRA website:

The DMR Association is focused on making DMR the most widely supported 21st century digital radio standard. Through a combination of interoperability testing, certification, education and awareness, the Association seeks to ensure that business buyers of today’s digital radio technology gain ongoing value through the competition and choice derived from an open, multi-vendor value chain.

By developing a set of standards and certifications, it will finally become possible to achieve that all important aspect of increased reach. Interoperability is vital; once the different sources can play well with each other, the sky is the limit. The fact that this is recognized in the industry is evident with companies like Motorola, Kenwood and SELEX  being initial Association members.

Of course, there is always a a marketing/education angle. The first evidence of this is the DMRA website which includes FAQs, market info, and explanations of the technology. In addition, the certification guidelines that are under development will also be posted once they are finished.

Evolutions of broadcast standards are as important to our industry as the evolution of the tech. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Image: DMRA Logo | Fair Use


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