First Paul Harvey Biography Hits Bookstores


gooddayIt was my unfortunate duty to report the recent passing of an American radio icon, Paul Harvey. Now, a mere six months later, we find the the first biography of this classic audio personality hitting the shelves, Good Day! The Paul Harvey Story by Paul J. Batura.

It’s going to be an interesting book. The author is a member of the noted conservative evangelical organization Focus on the Family, and originally started it as a book on Harvey’s faith. The forward is by someone you should recognize from the recent presidential campaign, Mike Huckabee.

According to David Hinckly at the New York Daily News, it was only after Harvey’s death that Batura decided to expand the scope of the work. It is a work that evidently sings Harvey’s praises unabashedly:

Readers seeking analysis of the controversies in Harvey’s career will have to wait for another biography because while Batura brings most of them up, it is primarily to explain Harvey’s perspective.

That includes Harvey’s support for Sen. Joseph McCarthy and other Communist-hunters of the early 1950s. Like Harvey, Batura argues history has forgotten or ignored the genuine threat communism posed in those years, and suggests that countertactics like “the so-called blacklist” were part of a sincere effort to protect America.

He does go on to state that overall, the book follows Harvey’s personal story as he worked his way up through the broadcast industry to the point where he became a household name.  It’s a classic American story of success achieved through hard work and determination.

I’m sure we will be seeing more of these soon, including the inevitable “tell all” paperbacks, but this is the first one and I thought it deserved special notice.

Image: Book Cover | Fair Use


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