Joe Walsh and Christine Aguilera Get Their Own Stations


aguilaraBy the time you read this, Christina Aguilera and Joe Walsh will have had their first full day as DJs. Not as performers, but as radio hosts on their own branded channels. The word is that next month the the band Weezer will follow suit.

A.P.E. Radio (Artist Personal Experience) will be distributed through Clear Channel Communications’ iHeartRadio network and will consist of a wide variety of content ranging from the artist in question playing DJ to personal commentary and news. The thing that I really like is that the artists being given APE stations retain total creative control of their content. Personally, I can’t wait to hear Joe Walsh rhapsodizing about creative hotel room deconstruction and flying bullets at Kent State.

Mesfin Fekadu at the Associated Press managed to pin Aguilera down for a brief interview about the new program:

The Associated Press: How does a radio channel fit you?

Aguilera: In the beginning when I make my CDs, I make inspiration record-CDs and I hand them out to all the producers that I am looking forward to working with. And I hand out these CDs and at the end of the day it’s funny because all the producers, or a lot of the producers, are like, “Wow, you should be a DJ.” It’s a really great mix of songs, and they’re so different and eclectic and that’s my style in general.

As a child of the “mix-tape” generation, I can completely relate.

Image: darraghb / CC BY 2.0

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