Palin on the Radio?


palinThat notorious former Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin, may be bringing her polarizing presence to radio. Inside Radio seem to be the first to get wind of it:

Alaska’s now former Governor is coy about her future political plans, but radio is at least one option she’s leaving on the table.  While not exactly shopping the GOP’s 2008 vice presidential candidate, sources say Palin representatives have been quietly testing the waters to see how much interest radio syndicators have for her.

Not a huge stretch; as Inside Radio points out, politicians have often turned national name recognition into a radio show. The irony would be the  ex-governor, who has always had a dim view of the fourth estate, becoming one of their number. In her recent final gubernatorial speech, she told reporters to “quit making things up.”

Reactions are already appearing and, surprising to no one, are just as polarizing as the Alaskan herself. CBS News reports the reaction of Kerry Gold of The Atlantic for instance:

“While it is difficult to imagine Palin succeeding across airwaves given that her speaking style–some call it incoherence–draws much criticism, a national radio show could serve as a potent platform for spreading her views and realizing her resignation-speech mission of effecting ‘positive change outside government,'” Gold said.

Jeff Berkovici over at Daily Finance voices some practical considerations:

Radio listeners want someone who agrees with their politics, but they need someone who is, above all, a masterful talker and entertainer, capable of constructing a pleasurable, cosy aural environment. Palin can’t do that. Whoever gives her a job in radio will live to regret it.

Then there are the conservative bloggers, like Allahpundit who writes:

What’s to “test”? She’ll draw the entire conservative base and a goodly chunk of the left as they tune in to channel the hate. Pay her whatever she wants and sign the deal.

I imagine that someone out there would give her air time. Divisive political talk fuels both liberal and conservative radio. Whether people are listening because they agree or because they disagree, they do tune in and listen — Rush Limbaugh being a prime example. The question is whether it will last once on the air?

So far, it seems she is only testing the waters, but still it is an  intriguing prospect to say the least.

Image: savannahgrandfather / CC BY 2.0

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