Clear Channel Donates Radio Stations to Minority Media and Telecommunications Council


micWhat do AM radio stations KYHN in Fort Smith, AR; WTFX in Winchester, VA; KMFX in Rochester, MN; and WHJA in Laurel, MS, all have in common?

The fact they they are preparing to change ownership, that’s what.

Clear Channel Communications, in a move designed to increase diversity in media ownership, is donating these stations and additional equipment to the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC). Geared towards not only increasing minority ownership but also towards training the next generation of minority and female broadcast owners.

Daivid Honig, president and executive director of the MMTC is quoted in the San Antonio Business Journal speaking about the program:

“Clear Channel Radio’s generosity and support creates an enormous opportunity not only for our own training programs, but for minority and women broadcasters who would not otherwise have the means to operate their own stations,” Honig says. “We look forward to working with Clear Channel through this ongoing program to promote diversity in radio broadcasting.”

Honig must be pretty happy right now, he and the MMTC have spent several years applying pressure to the FCC, trying to get them to award more licenses to minorities and women. Hardly surprising, since the group’s mandate is to promote civil rights and equality in the broadcast space, nice to see them tally up this success.

This move by Clear Channel comes at a tumultuous time for minority radio. As Congress wrangles with the troublesome topic of radio royalties, minority owned stations are experiencing fear that they may not be able to afford to continue operating.  Just Google the phrase “Save Black Radio” for a plethora of examples.

I applaud Clear Channel for taking this step towards preserving the diversity of voices that radio presents to the listening public!

Photo: hiddedevries/ / CC BY 2.0

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