Internet Capabilites for Broadcast: Bridging the Gap


iFM1What would you say to an application that allows you to see what is on all of your local stations right now? What if it could also allow tagging, purchasing, iTunes integration, album art and more? I know everyone is rapidly becoming used to having these features on all Internet radio. The thing is, I’m not talking about Internet radio; I’m talking about an iPhone app that lets you use these features with normal broadcasts.

Here is a bit from their press release on MacTech:

iFM Radio Browser, in the spirit of a cross-platform web browser, can work alongside any FM radio, whether in the car or in the home, and brings an interactive radio experience to iPhone and iPod touch, according to Paul Griffin, founder and CEO of Griffin Technology. The application connects to real-time data, provided by Mediaguide, to display a list of local FM radio stations within the US, as well as the artists currently playing on them, going beyond both RDS and satellite radio programming guides.

Tapping a station in the list allows users to view song title, album art, artist biography, and upcoming concert events. iFM Radio Browser even allows the user to instantly purchase favorite music from the iTunes Music store or create a Wish List for future reference.

As noted by Jay Donovan over at CrunchGear, it is very important to be aware that this is not a radio receiving app, although it is designed to integrate fully with one of their FM tuner products.

Suddenly, the cost of entry for getting digital perks from the AM/FM bands has been reduced to the adoption of aniFM2iPhone. To me, that heralds a huge leap forward. I need to do a bit more research, but if the developers are listening and it does not already, I’d love to see HD browsable as well as normal broadcasts. Please?

I’ll be trying out the app and posting my thoughts later on but I wanted to share this news with our readers while it is still fresh. I just love the innovation of having all the perks of Internet based listening in parallel with my broadcasts, and I’ll bet with the widespread adoption of the iPhone we will see a nice jump in artist’s sales as well.

Nice one!

Screenshots taken from my iPhone while testing the app


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One Response to “Internet Capabilites for Broadcast: Bridging the Gap”

  1. Mike Morin Says:

    Disclaimer- I am the SVP of Bus Dev with Mediaguide, who provides the real-time airplay data that fuels this application.

    First commentary I have seen that eludes to where we are really going with this. Imagine all the content on terrestrial radio being interactive. Imagine blurring the lines between content, advertising and contest. You hear an ad in your car or on your Griffin device via phone. You click on the branded ad icon in the application on the phone and you are presented with a lucrative offer, contest or value added content. You then view content, download a promo code or bar code to your phone and later redeem it for your winnings or discount.

    This is how terrestrial radio is going to re-emerge as a significant media for listeners and advertisers. Interactive tools powering a meaningful, local strategy connecting listeners to the rest of their digital life.

    We also have an application on the Blackberry called Radio Companion, developed by Nobex. Between the two there is a large, and growing, base of users. We are now engaging with advertisers and radio stations to enhance the advertising experience. We have solid ways for all parties to participate and benefit.

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