Broadcasting Your Resume


resumeTimes are hard right now; there is no doubt of that. Everywhere you look, economic news of the most dismal variety inundates the news. I personally know dozens of people who have suddenly become unemployed across a variety of fields. The job hunt is of paramount concern to more people every day.

Enter Clear Channel. I wrote about their program to broadcast people’s resumes earlier this year — a program that is now well underway. Listeners apply to have a brief audio resume transmitted over the air, with five winners chosen weekly. The winners then have their spot broadcast across a variety of local or regional stations.

Check out the news from Florida via NBS 2 | News Online:

People have already been applying for the radio resume spot online and officials with Clear Channel say they’re getting hundreds of applicants every day.

“It’s a reality check for me. We’re really touching and feeling how many people are out of work, but there is hope because it’s working,” said Deborah Krackhardt of Clear Channel.

The spots chosen will run on nine different participating stations to provide the maximum exposure for the job hunter. If you are in the south Florida area and wish to participate you can apply at any of these stations:  Z100 l Cat Country l 1055 the Beat l 953 OLZ.

But it is not just down in Florida. The program is being implemented in Clear Channel stations across the U.S. Take a look at the more central part of the country where The CW: Channel 33 reports on things up in Kansas:

The Radio Resume program is free and just started Memorial Day weekend, but already, Clear Channel listeners are listening up.

“We’ve had quite a few people indicate interest, now they’ve got to come back and there’s some little details that they have to connect with us on, but we’ve got seven different Radio Resumes on the air right now,” explains Pay Moyer, News Director for Clear Channel Wichita.

And as interest grows, Clear Channel hopes the success rate does as well. Moyer adds, “You try to make people feel better by talking about it and acknowledging they’re not the only ones in that situation, but we’ll see if this actually does something to help some people find a job.”

It’s still up in the air whether this approach will make an impact, and this early in the game, it is too soon to tell. Even so, getting your qualifications out to potential employers, even in abbreviated form, is a start. As things proceed, I predict that we will see them refine their approach as more data on the effectiveness of the program comes to light.

Right now, economic security is on everyone’s minds. The news talks about people taking “stay-cations” (time off where you stay at home) instead of vacations, unemployment figures are rising, and tension is in the air. At times like this, creative steps are necessary to withstand the winds of current fortune. Hopefully, Clear Channel’s audio resume spots will help to provide some light in the darkness.

Photo courtesy of SocialisBetter, used under its Creative Commons license


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