Artists’ Web Channels: New From Clear Channel


aguilaraHow would you like a radio show where Christina Aguilera was the DJ? Or the guys from The Eagles? Well these and other musicians will be producing their own programs. Mitchell Peters at Reuters reports:

Clear Channel Radio and Front Line Management have formed a joint venture to create artist personal experience (a.p.e.) radio, a stand-alone company that will enable musicians to produce their own online shows. The channels will run 24 hours a day and play songs chosen by the artist, interviews and commentary. The program will launch in July with the Eagles, Aguilera and Weezer.

At a time when artists are looking for ways to forge deeper connections with fans, Front Line and Clear Channel will use ad-supported a.p.e. radio to market albums and tours by offering fans exclusive content as well as an inside look into the musical taste of their favorite artists.

These shows will be accessible through Clear Channel’s local radio station Web sites, through the company’s iheartradio iPhone and BlackBerry application, and through widgets placed on the artists’ Web sites.

It is an interesting approach, creating a subchannel for a specific artist like that. Once a number of the are online we’ll have a better idea of its effectiveness. I wonder which markets it will be most effective in? As smartphones become more and more commonplace, efforts like this have a huge capacity to go viral.

Exclusive content is always a decent draw if the fanbase is there. I know that there are several websites I follow for just that reason so it is not a stretch to say this has potential. Fans of Chrstina Aguilera will get to be some of the first to see this new style of programming,  including content Aguilara has recently recorded discussing topics like motherhood, fashion and music.

With Clear Channel’s 22 million users per month, I’ll bet they get some momentum pretty quickly.

Photo courtesy of D.S.B., used under its Creative Commons license


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One Response to “Artists’ Web Channels: New From Clear Channel”

  1. Mae Says:

    Sounds great! Much success.


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