Device Watch: AM/FM Emergency Radio, Now With HAM !


HAMRegular readers know that after my adventures with Hurricane Katrina I’m a huge fan of weather radios. As a result my joy was palpable when I found this press release about a new emergency unit that can actually scan the HAM radio band as well- The CCRadio-2.

Those who live with the threat of disaster are well aware of the importance of radio, but many are unaware of the efforts of HAM operators. This via the CCRadio-2 press release:

“HAM operators typically provide 90% of the emergency coordination after a disaster like Katrina or 9/11,” says Bob Crane, President of C. Crane. “That’s why we designed the CCRadio-2 to work like a simple radio scanner on the 2-meter HAM band. When there’s an emergency in your area, you can just scan the five memories for HAM operator communications. The more information you get, the more you know. 2-meter HAM is something I’ve wanted on an emergency radio for a long time.”

I may not live in the hurricane zone anymore, but I’m in Tornado Alley now, so my interest in developments like these continues unabated. To be able to combine the emergency resources provided by local broadcast stations with the up-to-the-minute emergency communications of HAM radio sounds like the best possible option. I can’t believe it has taken this long for someone to integrate these.

It doesn’t matter where you are, when Mother Nature calls she calls collect.

Photo courtesy of Hammer 51012, used under its Creative Commons license


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