Clear Channel Gets Flashy!


flashClear Channel has been working hard on its digital offerings for about five years now, and it looks like some substantial returns are starting to manifest. According to’s Guide to Radio — and 2008 Marconi Award winner (Medium Market Personality) — Corey Deitz, things are looking up:

Clear Channel announced today its “active, unique monthly audience across all of its digital properties now numbers 22 million, according to data from Omniture, Inc.”

The company also notes for some of its AM and FM properties, “…online and mobile phone listening now amounts to an additional 15% in total listeners beyond the AM/FM broadcast.”

850 Clear Channel radio stations are available via stream, and now they are streaming using Adobe Flash as their delivery mechanism. The new Flash Player is now in online Beta over at IHeartRadio.

If you don’t know what Flash is, allow me to put it into perspective. Many of the sites you use every day are driven by Flash including Disney, Hulu, BBC, PBS,, DirecTV, YouTube and MySpace. The aspect of this that is a real bell ringer is the fact that the content can now be delivered without the end user having to download or install a player. Even though the popular perception is that Flash is mostly a video delivery medium, you need look no further than National Public Radio for how it can be used for audio. NPR’s extensive audio offerings are Flash driven.

Glenn Dickson over at Broadcasting and Cable has a nice little examination of what is in store that should appeal to the more technically minded, from which I’d like to excerpt this quote from Clear Channel:

“We switched to the Adobe Flash Platform to bring the highest-quality experience to our listeners and advertising partners,” said Paul Miraldi, SVP of programming and marketing for Clear Channel Radio’s Digital Division, in a statement. “Flash technology allows us to present hundreds of stations and literally thousands of pieces of on-demand content, from songs and music videos to exclusive performances and news footage in the most ubiquitous and easy-to-use format.”

Do you hear that sound? That’s the sound of radio’s reach extending yet again!


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