Streaming Radio On The Rise


streamA recurring theme here on the Radio 2020 blog has been streaming. From the new high end receivers being produced by Tivoli, to the expanded offerings CBS is bringing to the table, streaming is getting more and more attention. One thing  driving that is streaming is rapidly being disassociated with the desktop.

I’m an iPhone user. Pretty much all of my colleagues have some variety of smartphone, be it Blackberry, Palm Pre, Mac, or whatever. Using streaming-oriented apps I can get my radio from anywhere, on the go. Unit’s like Tivoli’s provide all the perks of streaming radio in a familiar, standard style device. As more and more wi-fi capable units come to market, we will see the idea that streaming must be done on a computer fade from consciousness.

Radio Online reports significant increases in streaming, including that 45% of iPhone users tune in weekly:

Another finding shows the percentage of respondents who have never streamed has dropped from 50% in the 2005 Jacobs study to just 34% in this new survey. And now, four in ten respondents (39%) say they stream weekly or more frequently. This represents a 32% gain over the past year, and a steady rise since this study was first conducted in 2005.

There are a number of findings in the Jacobs Media survey that paint an optimistic picture of streaming’s growing importance. Check out the original Radio Online piece to see the rest of them.

Personal Note Re: Streaming- My wife and I just moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, last month from New Orleans. While writing this post I’ve been listening to sounds of New Orleans using the iPhone’s Public Radio Tuner app to stream WWOZ, 90.7fm. Viva la Wi-Fi!

Photo courtesy of rachel_thecat, used under its Creative Commons license


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