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iphoneThere are a lot of radio apps for the iPhone. I’ve downloaded and played with many of them. Now it’s time to write about a new one. I’m pleased to say it’s a step forward in several ways.

Pocket Tunes from NormSoft is a $10 app for the iPhone that allows you to tune in a huge variety of stations including, if you have a subscription, Siruis XM Satellite Radio stations. James Savage at iPhone Central (who also hosts the RetroMacCast podcast), gives it a good once over in his column noting the now-standard features such as tagging, search, and iTunes integration.

His note on the sound quality is as follows:

“Don’t expect CD quality audio from Pocket Tunes Radio—most of these stations are heavily compressed, though I found them to be fine for casual listening. And the low bit rates come with an advantage: you’ll be able to listen to stations on connections on not only Wi-Fi but also 3G and even EDGE.”

The thing that really has me excited about this app is that it contains an integrated browser for finding stations. The upshot of this is a huge advantage: you can surf the net while listening to the app. All other apps (so far) cannot work in the background, making them “either/or” propositions. Pocket Tunes is a huge jump forward.

Sirius XM listeners will be thrilled. There is as yet no official app for Sirius XM, so this is the only current route to iPhone listeners.

One last note, Pocket Tunes is also available for Palm and Windows smartphones and PDAs.

Photo courtesy of William Hook, under its Creative Commons license


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  1. Shannon Nicholson Says:

    I found this blog based on a recommendation in John Kremer’s newsletter and I have to say that I like what I’ve read here. I’m subscribing. Keep up the good writing!

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