Washington Times Makes Big Move into Talk Radio


Washington TimesThe Washington Times newspaper will be debuting a new radio show soon in partnership with Talk Radio Network (TRN) entertainment. “America’s Daily News” will launch in national syndication on Monday, June 15. The show is backed by a 10-person investigative team put together by the Times, which is trying to buck the declines in newspaper publishing by bulking up it’s news bureau and making a play for national and global audiences.

The concept is to create a program that stays at the forward edge of the news cycle rather than simply responding to it. It would seem that the Times not only recognizes the power of radio’s immediacy, but they also seem prepared to leverage it.

FMQB quotes TRN CEO Mark Masters on the approach:

The Washington Times has made a very strong commitment to investigative reporting, building a journalistic team, headed by former ‘Post’ honcho John Solomon that will be second to none. We believe this unique journalistic team, combined with radio’s ability to give the time and context needed to flesh out breaking stories will make for a powerful winning combination in talk radio. Rather than commenting on yesterday’s news, this news radio show will have the capacity to make, break, and drive the news cycle. Like 60 Minutes once did for TV, this show can do for radio. We are very excited and honored to embark in this partnership with The Washington Times investigative team.”

Since the show is debuting in the 6:00-9:00 a.m. drive time slot, it will be starting off with an advantage right out of the gate. I’ll certainly be paying attention as they try to become the 60 Minutes of radio.

Recent announcements have revealed the anchors for the new show: longtime conservative radio personality Melanie Morgan and award-winning conservative newspaper columnist John McCaslin.

Photo courtesy of NCinDC, used under its Creative Commons license


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