Clear Channel Gives Airtime to Job Seekers


jobhuntUnemployment is up everywhere. At times is seems as though jobs are evaporating as we watch. This impacts everyone, not just those laid off within the radio industry. That makes this a great time to showcase one of radio’s strengths: giving back.

Twenty one Clear Channel Radio stations across seventeen states will be helping people find employment in a unique fashion: with radio spots. Here’s how it works:

Once a week each of the 21 participating markets will pick five unemployed people to record 30-second “radio resumes” that point interested employers to the station’s website, where the radio station will host a full online resume for each of those individuals profiled. Job seekers wishing to participate are invited to submit an entry online, five entries will be picked each week to be broadcast on the air.

The San Antonio Business Journal brings us the following comments from Clear Channel Radio president and CEO, John Hogan:

“We realize this is a difficult time for many individuals and families and want to support our listeners who are out of work in any way we can. Radio is all about community and serves as the perfect platform to connect job seekers with employers. We hope that job seeking listeners will take advantage of this special opportunity.”

A difficult time indeed. As of this writing 5.7 million jobs have disappeared in the U.S.  since December of ’07. Still, these are the kind of tough times that have traditionally sparked American innovation and determination. These radio resumes are a great example of inventive thinking, and will hopefully help 125 people per week find gainful employment.

Below is a list of the first radio stations participating in this program. The list and links were provided by Clear Channel Radio:

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2 Responses to “Clear Channel Gives Airtime to Job Seekers”

  1. Robin Says:

    Pardon the irony, but it’s odd for Clear Channel to host this barely a month after they cut 590 positions themselves. This on top of 1800 in January.

    Not only do the unemployed have it tough, so too do the survivors. It shows when 2 program directors who used to each oversee 1 station get replaced by 1 to manage 2 stations. Program quality suffers and we tune in to other more reliable places like our iPods. I wish my listening would help people keep their jobs but upper management keeps ruining a good thing.

    • Steve OKeefe Says:


      You have a point about the irony. But Clear Channel is making cuts due to an advertising downturn not of their making. They’re using radio in a novel way to help people find jobs and to remind people of the power of radio to make an impression.

      As far as the diversity of programming, you’re now finding more and more people using fan-generated playlists that offer a variety of music never available with one program director. Technology may drive job loss (I used to be a typesetter), but nothing changes the satisfaction of hearing something pleasing and unexpected come out of a radio.

      Writer, Radio2020

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