Ayọ Loves Radio!


AyoWhen the album Joyful hit the stores back in 2007, critical acclaim was immediate. Out of nowhere Ayọ has burst upon the scene and captured the public’s imagination. The Afro-German singer / songwriter’s unique sound — what People Magazine calls a “breezy blend of R&B and pop, reggae and folk” — has crowds eagerly awaiting the July release of her second disc, Gravity At Last. [Ayọ on Wikipedia has more details.]

Now Ayọ has joined Radio Heard Here’s “New Music” series, a collection of interviews emphasizing the influence of radio as a critical medium for music discovery and community. In a radio station studio,Ayọ  shares her thoughts and memories about the medium. Here are a few samples taken from Radio Heard Here:

Along with her role in the “New Music” spot, Ayọ is featured in a new Banana Republic advertising campaign. Says Ayọ, “Radio is like window shopping. Once you’ve heard something great, then you run to the store and buy it.”

Adds Ayọ, “Radio has had an incredibly strong influence on me, from introducing me to the vast world of music and helping to shape my knowledge of so many artists, to giving me an amazing soundtrack wherever I go,” said Ayọ. “I cannot imagine life without radio.”

In addition to the downloadable versions of both the thirty and sixty second radio clips available on the Radio Heard Here site, there is a terrific video interview with Ayọ on the Radio Heard Here YouTube channel that includes a bit of impromptu performance footage.

The audio clips will not just be sitting passively awaiting download; they”ll be fed to more than 900 AM/FM and HD radio stations across the country. Once again we see the power of radio as an emerging artist of this caliber debuts.

Photo courtesy of Radio Heard Here


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