Wall Street Journal Radio Bucks the Recession!


wsjBusiness is down for just about everybody. The news is replete with economic horror stories, particularly in the world of the media. It seems like nary a day goes by without hearing about another major newspaper or magazine either folding or implementing massive layoffs. In the midst of these economic woes The Wall Street Journal is bucking the trend, not only with their print edition, but also with the Wall Street Journal Radio Network (WSJ Radio).

According to reports from Dow Jones, WSJ Radio is growing fast. They have added a total of 55 new affiliates in the past twelve months bring the total number of stations broadcasting their programming to over 350 nationwide. Radio Ink Magazine quotes the Dow Jones’ Paul Bascober as saying, “The Journal continues to invest in our products, delivery platforms, and news coverage to serve our readers and build our engaged audience for advertisers.”

As many media outlets reduce their news coverage due to dwindling budgets the staff at WSJ Radio has been steadily cranking out new programming including The Wall Street Journal Report, The Wall Street Journal This Morning, The Dow Jones Money Report, The Wall Street Journal This Weekend, and their newest offering Watching Your Wallet. (All of which can also be downloaded in mp3 format from their website.)

WSJ Radio Network executive director Nancy Abramson told Radio Ink Magazine, “As radio listeners try to make sense of the turmoil in the economy, the demand for high-quality, authoritative business news and information from the Journal continues to grow.” Her logic is sound — the worse the economy gets the more important people will find news on financial matters to be. I would be willing to bet that those affiliates carrying WSJ programming will see a continuing rise in listener engagement as well as in overall audience numbers in these tough times.

WSJ Radio has sheer unadulterated relevance of content as their major weapon in in the battle for news market share. Is there anyone out there who is not concerned about the global economy right now?

Photo Courtesy of Paull Young, used under its Creative Commons license


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