Radio Giant Entercom Expands Green Initiative


1thingToday marks a move by massive radio broadcaster, Entercom, that I find personally gratifying. The operator of over 100 radio stations today launched a new “1 Thing Green Pledges” initiative geared towards reducing the company’s impact on the environment.

The new program builds on Entercom’s popular 1 Thing program that collects and distributes tips from employees, advertisers, and listeners on energy conservation, recycling, and sustainability.  Entercom’s “Green Pledges” initiative will include the designation of specific “environmental partners” in each of 23 markets where Entercom operates. And that’s just the beginning.

From a news release sent to me today by Entercom:

The 1 Thing Green Pledges program incorporates the roll-out of various green practices at all Entercom facilities.These practices include the implementation of energy-efficient lighting systems; the exclusive use of 100% post consumer waste recycled paper (PCW); paper-saving systems to reduce overall paper consumption; and recommended energy-efficient practices for electronic office equipment. In addition, company radio stations will produce and air locally-focused “Green Tip” spots, voiced by station personalities who are sustainability stewards in their own communities.

On top of these efforts, Entercom will also be pledging a $1 million advertising grant to three leading environmental agencies. The designated “environmental partners”  mentioned above will each receive a small grant for advertising as well.

David J. Field, President and CEO of Entercom Communications Corp., said, “We can make a difference, and therefore we must. And if we do it right, we can run our business more efficiently, we can partner with like-minded customers, we can have a healthier workplace and we can significantly reduce our impact on the planet.”

As a fan of green initiatives, this move simply reinforces for me why Forbes named Entercom one of America’s “Most Trustworthy Companies” back in 2007.

I hope to bring you an interview with some of the people behind this initiative in about a week or two. Stay tuned!

Logo courtesy of Entercom


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