Radios and Automobiles: Honoring a Special Bond


autoRadio and the automobile have had a special relationship almost from the start. Not only has radio filled in the hours of drive time with entertainment, but the auto industry has also been the largest radio advertiser for decades. Now as each day brings news to make the auto companies cringe Radio Ink Magazine has spearheaded an effort to help them out.

The magazine sponsored production of a variety of 30-second and 60-second radio spots extolling the special bond between radio and the automobile. Radio Ink then pieced together approximately 6,200 radio stations across the USA, broadcasting in both English and Spanish, to run the spots.

Radio Ink has assembled coverage so that 94% of every Americans will be able to hear the spots. The spots are agnostic when it comes to particular car companies — you won’t hear any touting GM for instance. Rather they are for the industry as a whole, and automobiles in general rather than any particular brand.

Via PRLog:

According to Radio Ink‘s publisher B. Eric Rhoads, “I know that each of us has to play our role in helping to turn the economy around. I realized my publication could motivate thousands of radio stations to help, and since radio reaches 94% of Americans every day, we thought this could really move the needle. Though no amount of advertising will convince people to buy cars if they are not in a position to do so, many Americans are in a position. This campaign is designed to motivate people who can buy.” Rhoads went on to say, “Radio and the auto industry have had a successful partnership for decades. Car dealers have long been local radio’s largest advertising category. And now it’s time for radio to help out the troubled auto industry and show its gratitude for so many years of support.”

Partnering with Radio Ink is Hollywood, California-based audio creative company, The Famous Radio Ranch. The spots they produced are simple and to the point and have been placed online for easy download and use by any station on this webpage.

The message is simple: Times are tough, and local car dealers are working to stretch buyers’ dollars like never before.

To see this occur at a time when stations and conglomerates are desperately trying to maximize what profits can be made during the cratering economy is cheering. No matter what one’s view on the car company bailouts, it’s still an incredible show of community and relationship between radio and the automobile. What other broadcasters have come forward in this fashion to support automotive industry?

Community. It takes many forms. It is not just limited to the community built between a station and its listeners, but also includes the community of advertisers and programmers. What do you think? How do you define community in a radio context?

Photo courtesy of speakeasy(x), used under its Creative Commons license


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