Caitlin Crosby in New “Radio Heard Here” Spots



Today I’d like to make an announcement. As regular readers are aware, the Radio 2020 blog is part of the Radio Heard Here campaign. For those unaware, here’s a quick breakdown of exactly what Radio Heard Here is, as taken from the main website.

Radio Heard Here, a partnership of the National Association of Broadcasters, the Radio Advertising Bureau and the HD Digital Radio Alliance, is a far-reaching, multiyear initiative designed to reignite the public’s passion for radio. As it embraces and adapts to the arrival of new communications and entertainment devices, radio continues its integral and near-ubiquitous presence in American life.

That’s why I blog here: I’m an Internet geek with a passion for radio. Which brings us around nicely to my announcement. Radio Heard Hear today released a new series of promo spots featuring Caitlin Crosby, among others. The eight 30-second promos are available for listen or download right now. Here is a bit more detail taken from the news release:

The far-ranging creative — including two original Spanish language spots that emphasize radio’s strong bond with the Hispanic community — will reach more than 700 FM HD stations and over 900 FM/AM stations across the country.

As the Hispanic voice becomes more and more important in the United States, I am thrilled to hear Spanish-language spots in this new generation of creative work.

“Radio’s accessibility, content diversity, and personality make it an essential part of the weekly routine for 93 percent of Americans,” said David Rehr, president and CEO of NAB. “Each spot brings to life the different ways radio connects with 235 million weekly listeners.”

The ads “Moving Business” and the Spanish language “Every Dollar” speak to the campaign’s efforts to engage the advertising community in dialogue about radio’s continued relevance and value. The copy focuses specifically on the message that radio is a cost-effective medium for advertisers.

“The next generation of Radio Heard Here spots reflects the marketing efficiencies of strategic and creative radio commercials,” said Jeff Haley, president and CEO of the RAB. “In today’s advertising climate it’s more important than ever for our industry to remind marketers that radio advertising is an ideal solution to deliver their message to consumers.”

In this age of streaming, mobiles, and HD, there are a plethora of ways to consume radio. It is one of the only mediums that currently has one foot planted on each side of the digital divide.

Go check out the spots — along with the Spanish language ones I spoke of earlier, there are two by recording artist Caitlin Crosby. Go ahead folks, tune in!


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