Next Generation: FM Broadcasts from iPhone?



Next Generation is a phrase that can apply to both software and to the younger set. Today I’ll address both.

First let’s take next generation software:  the new iPhone operating system. The rumor du jour is that the new iPhone OS will support not only FM reception, but also FM transmission. Via Erik Slivka at

[…]  the discovery that text strings in the iPhone OS 3.0 software reference a new Broadcom wireless chip, BCM4329, which supports 802.11n wireless connectivity. In digging through the specs for the chip, 9 to 5 Mac has discovered that it also supports both reception and transmission of FM radio signals.

“But they neglected to mention that it also adds the ability to receive and send (the previous model could only receive) information through FM radio signals which theoretically could be used to broadcast sound into car stereos..without external adapters. It could also be used to pick up FM radio music, news and sports broadcasts on their iPhones and even, in August, on iPods.”

As noted, this is still only a rumor, but one I sincerely hope is true. Granted I can stream stations to my iPhone, but not all stations stream (and many may quit depending on how the battle with the RIAA goes up on Capital Hill). It would be nice to add that functionality and more convenient than having to remember which app will let you hear the stream you want.

Next on today’s list, the real next generation: the children of the world. My colleague Doug Zanger (who runs RadioCreativeLand, our sister blog) snuck one past me. I found an article about a terrific online radio project called “Generation Connect” which will be bringing together Israeli, Palestinian, and American teenagers. When I got to the end of the new piece I discovered it was Doug’s company producing it. So now that disclosure has been satisfied, check out this description of the show from the Jerusalem Post article by Mel Bezalel:

Generation Connect, based in Portland, Oregon, launches online on April 13. Its first show will introduce a group of Jewish and Palestinian teenagers aged 13-15, who have been working in partnership for three years.

The youngsters – from Bethlehem, Jaffa and Tel Aviv – come from a variety of backgrounds and will participate in live conversation with their US counterparts.

This is how bridges are built! Once again catering to a primary strength of radio (be it on demand or broadcast): building community. Great stuff, and really nice to see it set up on a “kids talking to kids” platform. This dialogue among children of different cultures will be fascinating to hear. The stream will be carried at Small Plate Radio.

Photo courtesy of Bijoy Mohan, used under its Creative Commons license


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