Want to Be a Spy for the CIA? Tune In For Details


ciaRadio advertising has been a constant in our culture for almost a century. At some point or another just about any product or service imaginable has been touted over the airwaves, generating the revenue that sustains our industry. I’ve heard some amazing ads in my day, from the always creative ones for personal-injury attorneys to the custom-made voodoo dolls. Now I’ve run across one I just have to share.

The current director of the Central Intelligence Bureau, Leon Panetta, is concerned with the fact that the CIA is lacking in both foreign language skills and in the hiring of minorities.  Less than 14 percent of his staff is multilingual, and the number of minorities employed constitutes only 22 percent. The solution? Radio advertising!

Via Bobby Gosh at Time:

“Are you a person of curiosity and integrity?” asks one spot. “Are you ready for a world of challenge… a world of ambiguity and adventure?”

The agency won’t say how much it’s spending on the ad campaign, but CIA spokesman George Little told TIME via e-mail, “We continue to seek highly qualified candidates to support the mission of America’s premier intelligence agency.”

So keep your ears open while your radio is on, you may hear one of the spots being aired nationally. I’m curious to actually hear one myself…

Photo courtesy of publik15, used under its Creative Commons license.


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