And Now, Your Host: “Hot Rod” Blagojevich



Embattled former governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich will be the host of a radio show on WLS-AM in Chicago from 7 to 9 AM this Wednesday, March 25. The station usually airs the “Don Wade & Roma Morning Show” in that time slot, but while the regular hosts are away, the energetic and controversial politician will be at the mic taking calls from listeners.

WLS-AM’s Program Director, Bob Shomper, said that it would be a “one-shot” deal, not a regular show. According to the Chicago Tribune the station had made an offer to Blagojevich back in January to helm a new talk show if he stepped down as governor.  Shortly after declining that offer he was ousted from his position by lawmakers and is currently facing multiple corruption charges on a federal level, including trying to sell President Obama’s recently vacated Senate seat. Mr. Blagojevich still maintains his innocence.

From the statement released by the Blagojevich publicist:

“He’s excited about hosting,” said Glenn Selig, Blagojevich’s publicist and founder of The Publicity Agency.  “He’s ready for the challenge and promises to be a fair interviewer.  He’ll also be tough when he needs to be. He’s a talented communicator.”

“Broadcasters and the public were witness to his talent when he went national to tell his side of the story,” said Selig. “He thinks fast on his feet, is energetic and knows how to speak about complicated subjects so that anyone can understand what he’s saying.”

It will be very interesting to see what happens not only with this “one shot” but also with what may follow. Blagojevich is already working on a book, for which it is rumored the advance alone was over six figures. I have a feeling that radio will continue to be on his radar. If he wins his current legal battles we might end up hearing him among the other talk radio pundits.

Photo courtesy of RichieC, used under its Creative Commons license.


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