PPM Reaches Mobile-Exclusive Households



It is no secret that cell phones, smartphones in particular, are the new frontier for radio. The ability to reach an audience that is always “on the go” through their cell phones is one of the recognized importance — just Google around a bit if you don’t believe me.

Like with all incarnations of radio (and all media in general, for that matter), once you’ve figured out a way to reach the new demographic the next hurdle to overcome is audience measurement. Recently Arbiton unveiled a new approach to harvesting data thanks to a deal reached with Telular Corporation, a leading wireless communications company.

Using fixed cellular terminals produced by Telular, Arbitron plans to collect listening info from those who lack landlines, particularly the “millennials.” By connecting these terminals to Arbitron’s Portable People Meter (PPM) the company hopes to obtain a cost-effective and reliable way to transmit audience measurement data across cell networks.

Via FoxBusiness:

“Telular’s terminals allow us to cost-effectively use the latest wireless technology to collect radio ratings data from the hard-to-reach mobile-exclusive demographics,” said Beth Webb, Vice President, Research, Arbitron. “The Terminals are helping us increase participation among the young and ethnic radio listeners who live in cell-phone-only households.”

Telular’s fixed cellular solutions bridge the gap between analog and digital communications, providing continuous connectivity to locations where a traditional phone line has been disrupted, removed or non-existent. […] This wireless solution will act as a connection in homes with no landlines, allowing Arbitron to quickly and efficiently download information gathered by the PPMs.

“It’s exciting to see companies like Arbitron using innovative technology to reach households that have chosen to cut their telephone line, either to save money or because cell phones are all they need,” said Joe Beatty, President and CEO of Telular.

As part of the aforementioned mobile-exclusive demographic I am pleased to see efforts like these. Gathering accurate info is always of paramount importance, and the cell phone-only home is becoming more common every day.

Photo courtesy of Samantha Celera, used under its Creative Commons license


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