Widgets for Public Radio!



Public Radio International is getting widget-ized! As of last Wednesday, March 18, you can download NewsGator-powered widgets that allow users to embed Public Radio content on websites, social networks, or blogs. Using the widgets a blogger or webmaster can embed audio or news streams from Public Radio to enhance the existing content. Widgets are available now via the PRI site.)

Brian Heater at AppScout reports:

The media organization has produced a number of themed widgets, including Economic Security, Global Health and Development, and Social Entrepreneurship.

“We want to be where our audience is, reach new audiences, and give everyone the option of listening to the PRI content they want on-demand,” said PRI executive VP, Cory Zanin of the new apps.

Now, for the web-savvy, any of this content could be pulled into a site via RSS feed, but having the widgets out there makes it as easy as cut-and-paste. Since the widgets are also official they remove potential issues of copyright that may come up when capturing a syndication feed.

All in all I would say this is a good thing, something that more commercial stations should consider. The objective is to be where the listeners are, that’s why I love it when Jeff Haley speaks about the importance of mobile to the future of radio.  Widgets like this can allow branded programming to spread as far as the audience base. I know that I will be adding widgets for the New Orleans-based stations to my personal blog as soon as they become available…

Photo courtesy of kurtthomashunt, used under its Creative Commons license


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