TuneKast: A Monetized Mobile Radio Platform



Just recently I wrote a bit about increased radio listenership in households that only have cell phones. Today I would like to share some info about the solution that goes hand in hand with those numbers — TuneKast.

With more and more households foregoing landline telephones it behooves us as an industry to embrace mobile listeners, a demographic now shown to listen to more radio per week than others. In this modern age, it is all about reaching the audience where they wish to be reached. TuneKast, powered by the AirKast mobile media platform, enables stations to bring their live broadcasts to mobile listeners as an integrated solution, opening a window to millions of listeners.

But wait, there’s more! Via the BusinessWire press release:

TuneKast is available to radio stations as an integrated solution extending to mobile devices its live broadcast feed and programming, all without software or hardware installation. After a simple setup, radio stations can provide listeners with more information about broadcasted content, including songs, newscasts or talk shows. The radio stations’ advertisers are able to reach listeners in multiple media formats, including audio, graphic display and even video ads. Through TuneKast, radio stations can now leverage opportunities to expand into new revenue distribution channels, offering advertisers features and accountability beyond in-stream audio ads to include mobile impressions, on-demand audio and video experiences.

“Rather than building simple mobile radio players, we invested the time and effort to consult with top radio executives to understand their business and strategies for monetizing content on mobile devices,” said Larry Leung, AirKast’s chief executive officer. “Working closely with leading digital radio services providers, TuneKast now enables radio groups the ability to generate additional and new revenues by provisioning, managing and monitoring their advertisers’ messages in the form of audio injection, mobile display ads and pre-roll gateways videos in conjunction with their live mobile broadcast.”

The whole thing is enabled by a partnership with Ando Media, an ad insertion and in-stream metrics reporting firm. Stations are able to schedule and traffic ads for in-stream audio, mobile impressions, and video ads through a central manages interface, simplifying the process as well as speeding it up.

I’m sure that ears are perking up across the country now that a mobile oriented option for enhancing relationships and generating revenue has appeared. Like with all the new fangled approaches only time will tell how truly functional and relevant it will be, but it does have the distinction of being the first of its kind.

Image courtesy of AirKast


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