iHeartRadio: One Million Downloads, and Counting!



Mobile is the new frontier for radio. As the iPhone solidifies its grip on the American people, the Clear Channel Communications’ iHeartRadio app is expanding the modern listener base. A mere 20 weeks after launching the app iHeartRadio has been downloaded over one million times!

In a statement released on Monday, March 16, Clear Channel not only revealed the number of downloads, but also shared an interesting estimate. According to the company, the online and mobile audience for iHeartRadio has brought about a 15 percent increase in CCR’s total listening audience. During times of economic woe such as we are currently experiencing news like this is cause for celebration. Add in the 13 percent per week increase in iHeartRadio downloads, and things begin to look very good indeed!

It’s not just iPhone users like myself who will be in that mobile audience either. The application has recently been made available for the Blackberry, iPhone’s closest competitor for market share in the mobile world. CCR’s app will now run on the three most popular models: the BlackBerry Pearl, Curve and Bold. With that move the vast and overwhelming majority of smartphones will have this capability.

Tim Duryee of The Washington Post recently sat down for an interview with Evan Harrison, Clear Channel Radio’s EVP and president of the company’s Online Music & Radio unit, to discuss this phenominal push into the mobile market. In addition to talking about performance and  revenue opportunities one topic covered was the sheer reach of the mobile market:

The Clear Channel Radio attracts 20 million unique visitors a month online, and the iPhone mobile app attracts 146,000 unique listeners a week. Harrison said the investment was justified. “Literally in LA, there are likely 20,000 to 25,000 more listeners between online and cellphones. It’s like adding another radio station. We are growing the audience, and there are more opportunities.” He added: “For us, it’s paramount that we make it easy for our listeners to stay connected with our stations, whether it’s at their desk, in their car or while mobile. It’s a natural progression for us.”

Statements like that are music to my ears!

Screencap taken from my iPhone.


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4 Responses to “iHeartRadio: One Million Downloads, and Counting!”

  1. Chrissy Says:

    so excited that this app was released for blackberry.. my favorite app so far, not just because its free.. great music selection & now i dont need to carry an ipod too, two thumbs up for berry users :)

  2. joewo Says:

    I have the Blackberry Pearl. It does not play through the headphone jack. Nice concept but I would like to have it go to my earbuds or into the cassette adapter of my car stereo as opposed to the phone loudspeaker. It is unusable pretty much without the use of earbuds or a cassette adapter in the car as the phone battery dies quickly with the speaker going. BTW other apps on my phone go through the headphone jack….is there a reason why IHR does not?

  3. George Williams Says:

    Hey Joewo, thanks for the first hand review there! Unfortunately I cannot answer your question as I simply write about the tech and am not part of the team that created it.

    One thing I can say is that this is the first iteration of the Pearl and there are always things to work out with any new device or app. As an iPhone user myself these issues would have eluded me if not for your comment. If you get a response from Blackberry about this let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

  4. A jaunt around the web, May 23 - blog - James Cridland Says:

    […] iHeartRadio: One Million Downloads, and Counting! [Radio 2020] The main piece of news from this is that Clear Channel reckon that their iPhone app accounts for 15% of all radio listening (which I’m not entirely sure I believe, but it’s a great figure if accurate). […]

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